Meet Your Guide

Hello! My name is Raimond Capel, and i'm very pleased to have you here. I lived and worked in South Africa for 8 years in the early 80's and traveled extensively up to now mostly for pleasure. This where my fascination for the African bush began.

My friends took me from 1982 onward in old Land cruisers from South Africa to South West Africa, today’s Namibia, via Botswana to Zambia, Rhodesia now Zimbabwe, Tanzania up to Kenya where a friend started the first windsurfing and diving school in Africa.

We camped in the bush, worry some for me at the beginning but it went deep into my soul. This is what Africa does to you. We did 8 overland tours from Cape Town up north to Kenya. I bought my Land cruiser in 1982 after the first trip to escape city life and used it as well extensively in South Africa.

Now I am blessed to make my passion for Africa, it’s wildlife and people an exclusive tour to my favorite spots. In today’s world Travelers enjoy Jets, bush taxis and sometimes unfortunately WiFi in my opinion, as the usual comforts.

I take you to the most remote parts in the Kalahari, the Okavango Delta, Savuti, Chobe, Serengeti, you will learn to experience the bush tv. Lions roaring at night, Zebras calling, Hyenas causing a racket and elephants drinking from a waterhole so close that you can hear them. The nature’s serenity will get to you.